Medical Device CALPROTECTIN 50 +200 COMBO - CP-50200

The medical device CALPROTECTIN 50 +200 COMBO is realized by BLS BLUE LAB SERVICE SRL
Trade nameCALPROTECTIN 50 +200 COMBO
Product CodeCP-50200
Manufacturer of the medical deviceBLS BLUE LAB SERVICE SRL
Tax code of the producer07730391211
Vat Number07730391211
Category CodeW0101060399
Sign repertoireNot Registered
Group of similar Medical devices69750
Medical device reference0
TypeMedical Device Class
Progressive number assigned to the medical device1338625
Effective DateTuesday 22 September 2015
End dateEnd of validity is not present for the medical device
End date tradeMedical device still on the market
Date of first publicationTuesday 22 September 2015

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