Medical Device SYSTEM MINI NANO OVD 2.7 11.5 MM. - 01INO2711

The medical device SYSTEM MINI NANO OVD 2.7 11.5 MM. is realized by LEADER ITALIA SRL
Trade nameSYSTEM MINI NANO OVD 2.7 11.5 MM.
Product Code01INO2711
Manufacturer of the medical deviceLEADER ITALIA SRL
Tax code of the producer11984210150
Vat Number11984210150
Category CodeP010201
Sign repertoireRegistered
Group of similar Medical devices0
Medical device reference0
TypeMedical Device Class
Progressive number assigned to the medical device6968
Effective DateFriday 14 November 2008
End dateEnd of validity is not present for the medical device
End date tradeMedical device still on the market
Date of first publicationFriday 14 November 2008

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